Conservation for Cultural Heritage...

Yapex RESTORATION Fair will be organized between 22-24 September 2021 with the theme of URBAN AND RURAL HERITAGE. Fair to be organized in collaboration with ÇEKÜL - The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage and support from the Union of Historical Towns of Turkey aims to bring together all investors, designers and manufacturers working for the purpose of restoration, protection, refunctioning architectural and archeological buildings belonging to the old and recent era and for the purpose of carrying them to the future in Istanbul.

Yapex RESTORATION aims to assemble know-how, experience, project expertise as well as material and production technologies related to restoration activities. It aims to contribute to the restoration, renovation and adaptive re-utilization of historical structures on a local to national and universal scales, in the light of contemporary principles, in order to transmit their inherent value to the future.

Conservation Activities of Historical Towns will be in Yapex...

Historic town municipalities devoted to developing and implementing conservation projects for the preservation of the urban, cultural and natural heritage will share their visions, projects and practices with visiting specialists, restorers, investors, contractors and industry organizations in Yapex RESTORATION. 
Member municipalities of the Union of the Historical Towns, as one of the main supporters of the fair, will contribute significantly to the local restoration agenda through their presentations and various activities.

Restoration Practitioners and Industry will meet in Yapex...

A wide range of materials produced and utilized in restoration practices by the construction industry will be introduced to experts and practitioners in the Yapex RESTORATION.

The fair’s exhibiting scope will cover a large spectrum of fine construction materials and finishing products, constructive elements and construction equipment and it will envisage a specialty platform, presenting all product groups which may attract conservation and restoration specialists.
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